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A Message from the Governor

Here we are again beginning a new Optimist year. It seems like only yesterday when I became Governor Elect. This reminds us how time continues and does not stop. With this being the case, we must make great use of our time by volunteering to help ‘Bring Out the Best in Kids.’ Another great way is to endorse and take part in even more projects for the kids. Not only do the kids benefit from these endeavors, we also benefit because we develop a sense of accomplishment when we help others. I am a strong proponent of not reinventing the wheel. The wheel is already invented and it is perfect. So are the teaching, leadership, and management resources provided by Optimist International. They are easily accessible and ready for use. Let’s make a commitment to use them more effectively and efficiently. In doing so, we are preparing ourselves for success. I believe in preparation. Most successful people will say that they are successful because they prepared for it. Have you ever heard of an athlete who won awards and broke records without being prepared? How about an attorney passing the state bar exam without being prepared? Of course not! Success depends on preparation.

Preparation is vital if we want to achieve success. It is hard to think of many areas in life where preparation is not the prerequisite to accomplishment. If you want to be an automobile mechanic, you must learn the various components of a car and how they work together. If you want to be a championship swimmer, you put in long hours in the pool working to increase your speed and stamina. If you want to be a great Optimist, you must visualize, focus, and dedicate the necessary amount of time to make a difference in the community. We must understand how important it is to prepare ahead for whatever it is we want to accomplish and come up with a plan to achieve it.

"The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today." - Elbert Hubbard

My plan is simple; I have three goals that will help us achieve success. Supporting last year’s theme of re-evaluate, re-commit, and re-energize; I have selected the theme ‘Stay the Course’ for this Optimist year. We are headed in the right direction and must keep the momentum going and build strength so that we can meet our District goals for this year. The District goals are 3-3-3: three new members added to each club, three new dime-a-day members added to each club, and three new clubs to be added to the South Texas District. These goals are easy to remember and pass the S.M.A.R.T. test. They are specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. We must remain focused, remain active, and remain diligent in pursuing these goals

. We are a team. We are an organization. The kids in our community need us. The needs of the community will provide the challenges and opportunities that promote Optimism. We must be open to opportunities that provide hope, that provide a sense of meaning in our lives, and that establish a path for us and our youth to follow. We must ‘Stay the Course!’

A Great District Meeting

We had a successful First Quarter Conference in Laredo October 24 – 26, 2014. In attendance, we had the First Lady of Optimist International, the Southwest Region Vice President, the Governor of North Texas, and local dignitaries. The first full day was filled with training, ice breakers, and guest speakers. Viky Garcia from the Laredo Humanitarian Relief Team gave us a presentation involving young kids and families from Central America on their plight to the United States. The presentation was both heartwarming and sad. To see the look on the faces of the kids on the pictures when they were being helped made everyone present feel proud to be optimists. We are making a difference in kid’s lives. The presentation of a local heroine was given by the Webb County Heritage Society. Laredo is embedded with a rich history. The presentation was informative and exciting.

That evening, the banquet began with most people wearing costumes. It was hard to pick winners. Each costume had a meaningful and funny theme. Near the end of the banquet, several people in attendance left the banquet to form a new club. Jack Hopkins was the field representative who graciously installed the new club. The International President, Ken Garner, skyped and spoke to the new members. This was exciting. The new club, Gateway Optimist Club of Laredo, was introduced to the South Texas District.

The next day we had the General Session and a report of each committee within the District was given. The status of the District is strong. The Conference ended with a presentation by the Southwest Region Vice President by our own Jan Oord Graves. She delivered an inspiring and motivational speech. We cited the Optimist Creed and adjourned the Conference. You could feel the optimism in the air. We are well on our way to achieving our District Goals. We will continue to Stay the Course.


2015-2016 O.I. President-Elect Nominations
Our own Ron Graves, Past Distinguished South Central Texas District Governor in 2002-2003, past O.I. Vice President, Past Optimist International Foundation President, has been nominated, along with 2 others, to run for the position of O.I. President for 2017-2018. Lets all give Ron our support.
The final nominee witll be determined by the committee on January 29th.
The Metrocom Optimist Club built a new Junior Optimist Club at Elaine S. Schlather Intermediate in Live Oak. The Installation, conducted by O. I. Vice President Jan Oord Graves was held November 14, 2014, with numerous District officers and past officers present. Pictured below is Metrocom President Nancy Mason, the kids, and the Principal of the school.

Gateway Optimist Club of Laredo
As the "A Great District Meeting" article to the left indicates, a new Optimist Club was built during the District Meeting with 15 new Optimists. The Gateway Optimist Club was sponsored by the Optimist Club of Fort Sam Houston and the Optimist Club of East Fort Bend County. As of November 6th, they have added another 7 members bringing the member count to 22. November 7th - they are up to 29........They are off to a great start. November 12th - NOW THIRTY MEMBERS.....WOW.
Zone 6 Competition
Zone 6 Lt. Governor Jack Hopkins announced the 2014-2015 Zone 6 Competition at the November 8th Zone Meeting. To see the current score sheet, with its Navy theme, CLICK HERE...
Young Texan/TexAnne
New information, forms and instructions are available for the Young Texan/TexAnne program. CLICK HERE to see the details
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