South Texas District of Optimist International 2015-2016 Governor John Blackwell

Our District includes 99 Texas Counties, 100,000 Square Miles, Population over 19,000,000, at least 4,500,000 Youths,
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From the Governor…

We had a great conference in Kerrville.  The oratorical contest 13 kids, chaired by Ms Judy Karonika went off without any trouble.  Just great!  Then the extra, the Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard Hearing.  The chair for this contest is MS Amberly Diaz. Seven kids  and they were an absolute delight. It made all of us  understand this is why we are Optimists.  These contests are good for the soul.  Thanks to both ladies who worked extremely hard putting their contest on. 
We are slowing but surely approaching the end of the Optimist year.  Where will your club be?  Will you be positive or  ??  We need for you to fill out your club election report with correct contact information and by year's end you should have filled out your president's pride report.  All can be accomplished on line.

Don't forget the Optimist International's incentives!  A fantastic way to increase you membership while honoring hero's.  The price is right.

Let's put our energy together and honor our military personnel, police, fire fighters and teachers.

These individuals can put your club on track for Honor club.

Now I challenge all of you to "MAKE A KID HAPPY"

John Blackwell

Make A Kid Happy!